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Our Medical offices, Infusion Centers and Travel Medicine clinics are a success because of our dedication to delivering the highest standards in medical care. Our office, along with our staff, physicians and other practitioners, strive to serve our patients in a timely, compassionate and medically appropriate manner.


Lowcountry Infectious Diseases values advocating for and protecting the rights of patients and will adhere to all applicable Federal and State regulations regarding the rights of patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of age, race, creed, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap or religion


Our goal is 100% patient satisfaction. If you tell us about your experience, we can continue to improve on the things we do well and fix the things that we don’t do as well. So please give us your feedback or our services. We enjoy receiving positive feedback, but because we are human, we recognize that there may be times when our patients are concerned about or dissatisfied with some aspect of the medical services they have received.


Positive Feedback will be shared with all staff so they will know their efforts are recognized and appreciated by our patients.


Complaints will be shared with the appropriate staff and handled accordingly.


To insure a complaint is handled according to our internal procedure, it must be received by our office in the following ways: 

  • Complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website;
  • Ask us for a complaint form and envelope while you are here, complete the form, and ask to give it to the CEO or another manager;
  • Call our CEO to discuss;
  • Mail complaint. This is our least preferred method since we are not guaranteed to receive it in a timely manner – if at all.


Your complaint will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Patients voicing a complaint will be listened to and may expect some form of resolution.
  2. Patient complaints will be addressed with immediacy.
  3. Our CEO will contact the patient within five calendar days of receiving a complaint either orally, by telephone, e-mail or letter format. If CEO is out of the office and unable to respond within the required time period, the complaint should be given to the Quality Improvement Coordinator.
  4. If information received by a patient during this contact reveals new information, the CEO will further investigate the complaint by talking to the involved parties. If the complaint involves substandard care, lack of patient training, medication errors or malfunctions with equipment and supplies; the CEO will refer the concern to the appropriate department or physician.
  5. If further investigation is required, written notification of our investigation and response will be mailed to the patient within 14 days after original contact.
  6. If the patient is not satisfied with the resolution, every attempt will continue to be made to resolve the issue.
  7. All complaints will be documented on a Complaint Log.
  8. If investigation of a complaint finds nurse actions that violate the South Carolina Code of Laws, the SC Board of Nursing will be notified.
  9. If investigation of complaint finds pharmacist actions that violate the South Carolina Code of Laws, the SC Board of Pharmacy and the DEA will be notified.



Or Report Feedback To:

Lowcountry Infectious Diseases

Attention: Shannon McCoin, CEO

1938-B Charlie Hall Blvd., Charleston, SC 29414

Ph: 843-402-0227 /


"Even small fevers gratefully received."  Oliver Wendell Holmes

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